Michelin Road Bike Tires Are The Choice Of Profess
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With the Tour de France and the success of Lance Armstrong road bikes have acquired a strong foothold in the US. Speed,http://www.xm12345.info/zengdaorentemajiushiwang/201503/29.html,六合同彩资料, speed, speed and not necessarily comfort are where these bikes excel. The rider is bent over to reach the handlebars providing an aerodynamic profile. And being bent forward utilizes leg extension to the fullest for power. When you think about it, the tires are very,http://www.666638.org/666638_com/201503/193.html, very thin and under great pressure. They are the only thing that is between the rider and the very hard, very rough road. Add to that these bikes have no suspension and you have makings of an harrowing, uncomfortable ride..

This is why it is so important to the rider that great attention is given to the bike tire..Research into new compounds, design and construction are a continuous process for the makers of Michelin road bike tires for a lighter and faster tire.

The Michelin brothers knew that you needed quality rubber to produce a quality tire. From the very beginning it is processed to get the correct consistency and hardness and texture. All of the process is continually refined for the best product and the best fit for rider and bike,http://www.666638.org/www_666638_org/201503/192.html,http://www.079888.info/www_079888_info/201503/28.html.

Manufacturing the bike is a dual process. There is an inner layer and an outer layer. Nylon fibers make up the inner layer and you want to be sure and note the threads per inch or TSI. The higher the TSI, the better the tires and the smoother the ride. The drawback is durability. As the TSI increases, the durability decreases. You may end up paying more in the long run.

The outer layer is the covering and typically these tires have no tread. That is they are slick. If you think about it, this makes complete sense. Racers and tour bike riders ride on hard surfaces unlike mountain bikers or even cyclocross riders. So tread does nothing for traction and the tread will only increase rolling resistance which as we know will know will decrease speed..

Michelin road bike tires are available in what is known as clinchers and tubulars. The merits of each will not be discussed here since there are many loyalists on both sides. Basically clinchers have both a tube and a tire and tubulars do not. How they adhere to the rim is also different. There is also a choice on valves, Presta versus Schrader. Likewise both have advantages which will be discussed at another time.

Michelin tubular tires are the type used most often by professional cyclists,http://www.079888.info/zuizhundeliuhewang/201503/27.html. Glue adheres the tire to the rim and is lighter,http://www.079888.info/www_079888_info/201503/26.html,http://www.666638.org/www_666638_org/201503/191.html. Flats are quicker to change and the slower air leak allows for a safer stop.

Either type of tire chosen will come in standard sizes for your bike, meaning most are metric with a diameter of 700mm. Some companies still make 27 inch tires to use on older models although your favorite tire,http://www.666638.org/www_666638_org/201503/190.html, the one you have used for years may be difficult to obtain. Also it is not uncommon to have a slightly smaller tire in the front. Those are also available. The width of Michelin road bike tires is pretty skinny as mentioned earlier and commonly sized at 23,http://www.666638.org/www_666638_com/201503/189.html,http://www.125518.info/www_125518_info/201503/32.html, 25 and 28 mm. Of those the 28 is perhaps the most widely purchased.

Getting a flat is no fun, it takes away from your primary purpose and that is riding. It may leave you stranded miles from help. To prevent this you can use liners, puncture resistant tires, a sealant or some sort of foam insulation. For those riding with a chase vehicle this is not a concern. However for the weekend rider one of the above options may be well worth some research..

Michelin road bike tires are designed, constructed and purchased for speed and less rolling resistance over hard surfaces. There are plenty of great deals on durable and lightweight tires online. But do your research carefully since rarely are there returns on these items once you have ridden them for a day.